Learn the Skills, Find the Inspiration and Get the Connections To Start or Grow Your Dream Business


Are you an emerging entrepreneur just getting started and are…

  • Struggling to surround yourself with the right people who can help?

  • Time and money poor and want the motivation that will help keep you going during your toughest days?

  • Not sure what your next steps should be to start earning the money you need so you don’t need a “day job”?

  • Wanting to be able to ask questions when you need to so you know you are on the right track?

Or do you already have an established business and are…

  • Facing burnout or not feeling inspired and aligned to your highest purpose?

  • Looking for a tribe of soulful entrepreneurs who are focused more on how their business can change the world than the money it can make?

  • Feeling like you can’t find people who really understand what it’s like to have the challenges you do?

  • Hitting a plateau in growth and can’t work out why?

Getting the support you need to live your core genius is easier than you think.

No matter where you are now, you have the power to change your reality.

Entrepreneurs who operate alone and in isolation are at higher risk of burnout and stagnation. Engaging regularly with likeminded people provides a vital conduit to new ideas and fresh perspectives.

As a Shinepreneur you grow yourself, your network, your business and your skills so you stay sharp, Shiney, and on track.


“I am the sole distributor in three countries for the world’s hottest new water sports product. Without hesitation, I credit the strong foundation of my business to the Shine community. With the feedback and incredible insights provided by its members, my business is well on the way to success beyond my dreams.”

Grahame Ewins, Founder of Wavez


“I have gained a lot of momentum in a very short space of time.”

Sales Growth Expert, Kristin Harper

“Connections are made, friendships are formed, blocks are shifted, purposes are realised, visions are formulated, action is taken, transformations happen and inspiration flows!”

Sam Shotter, Dog+Co Natural Pet Care

Here’s 5 great reasons for you to become a Shinepreneur…

#1: Stay connected to your vision and dream with a community that will remind you of your talent and ability.
#2: Save time, money and heartache in your entrepreneurial journey by learning from the experience of others.
#3: Gain collective wisdom by connecting with Shinepreneurs operating globally and get access to the latest insights and habits that foster results.
#4: Grow your business through the powerful collaboration and partnerships available to you in this community.
#5: Get access to resources – the right people, advice, opportunities, guidance and even money.

Your new online community & learning resources are waiting.

You get access to an online video library, live fortnightly calls where you learn and then implement a business topic, all call replays, and a private Facebook community.  Plus you get special live event member invites and discounts.

The Shinepreneur teachers and mentors have been featured in some of these networks…

In a community, the invisible becomes visible.

Here’s What You Get

  • FREE access to training videos, tools and resources.

  • FREE access to monthly LIVE Shine Learning Webinars with a different topic every month taught by our mentors. Ask your most burning questions or volunteer for a live hot seats and free coaching.

  • FREE access to monthly LIVE Shine Implementation Webinars. These calls are designed to move you into action from your previous learning call.

  • FREE access to the private Shinepreneurs Facebook Group. Ask questions and receive special LIVE VIP sessions.

  • DISCOUNTS to online and live events.

  • UNLIMITED online support.

Only $27 /month

NOTE: Your login details will be sent to you as a separate email after you get your invoice.

You can cancel at any time.

Inspiration + Connection + Action + Results = Shining

INSPIRATION: Shine’s methodology is based on connecting you to your highest and best ideas. Being in the presence of members who are following their inspiration into action keeps you connected to your highest vision.

CONNECTION: Shine membership is a vehicle for creating meaningful connections with fellow Shinepreneurs. We have a powerful and growing community reaching into many countries around the world.

ACTION: Inspiration and connection underpin effective and consistent action in the world. Through interaction and learning experiences you will know the most effective course of action to follow to ensure success.

RESULTS: When inspiration, connection and action are combined, exponential results can occur. This is the greatest value of being part of a global community of changemakers.

“We have a commitment to create an environment of inspiration, connection and contribution, where leaders prosper.”
Julian Noel, Shine Founder