Episode Highlights:

8:52 – Achievement is not all its cracked up to be
10:20 – There is nowhere to “get”
11:20 – Sometimes what we do for a living can get in the way of our own evolution
12:45 – True evolution happens at the edge of fear and bliss
13:30 – What can you not do in your business – stuff that is wasting your time
14:24 – Seek leadership within
16:10 – You need to find the answers within yourself
17:00 – Jeff’s plans for the future
18:20 – Being crystal clear is impossible
19:20 – How to communicate your vision
20:30 – What is Jeff’s ultimate problem to solve
21:35 – What are the qualities of the leaders of the future
23:32 – Is using your intuition important in your business?
29:10 – Who is Jeff’s tribe?
31:50 – Be your own first customer – what do you want in the world that is not yet here and how can you go build it
34:50 – How to get over a fear of objection when putting yourself out there
37:00 – What is success


Thanks to the amazing Jeffrey Slayter for joining us on this episode. He is a Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, Philanthropist, Thought Leader and Social Entrepreneur and you can learn more about him over here.