Episode Highlights:

4:30 – Don’t confuse your gifts with your identity
9:20 – How could someone tune in and listen more?
11:45 – What would you say to someone that’s facing failure?
16:00 – Presence
18:30 – The “real work”
22:30 – An exercise to feel present
24:40 – Current passions

Thanks to the vivacious Jutka Freiman for joining us on this episode. Jutka is a psychotherapist and group facilitator. Since the mid ’80s she has worked extensively locally and internationally using Attachment Therapy, Archetypal Psychology, Gestalt, Somatic Psychotherapy, Psychodrama, Art Therapy, Family Constellations and Enneagram. She is also an internationally certified Enneagram therapist, supervisor & trainer.  Learn more about her here.

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