Episode Highlights:

06:20 – How to think bigger
07:20 – How have you seen this demonstrated in life and with the people you work with?
10:30 – How can someone work with their fear?
15:30 – Whats your process to create a better relationship with fear?
16:13 – How to get over “Comparitis”
22:20 – How do you manage/prioritise time in life?
27:40 – Whats your relationship with community?
29:45 – Having a group of people that have your back – what does that open up for you?
30:58 – Important moments?
35:30 – Where can people find you?

Thanks to the effervescent Patty Kikos for joining us on this episode.  We call Patty a “soul cheerleader”.  On a more serious note, she has 17 years of experience as a counsellor, and more than a decade as a wedding celebrant, Reiki master, energy healer, kinesiologist, hatha + kundalini yoga virtuoso.   She has taught at major festivals such as the Byron Spirit Festival, Evolve Yoga Festival and Yoga Aid and has been an ambassador for Lululemon, Kira Grace and I Love Chakra.  Learn more about her here.

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