Episode Highlights:

7:15 – When did you come up for the idea for the Gratitude Project?
8:15 – What are some fears/thoughts that held you back?
10:36 – Tell us about your vision, connection + action phases?
12:45 – “Progress is more important then perfection.” What do you think of that statement?
15:35 – How do you push away negative thoughts?
22:30 – FRAUD!
29:30 – What message would you like to leave the listeners with?

Thanks to the brave Catherine Roberston for joining us on this episode.  Catherine is a Reiki Practitioner, Angelic Healer, experienced public speaker and contributing author in the book “The Path to Wellness”.  She has a passion for Energy Healing and inspiring others to begin their own healing journey of transformation and is strong believer in the power of a Gratitude practice to change your life. Learn more about her here.

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