Do you believe that you are alone in thinking that you lost your mojo?

Do you believe that you are alone in believing that it is only you who feels that your power has become allusive?

Do you believe that you are alone in feeling like a bystander watching others play their big league games?

Do you believe that you are alone in having allowed yourself to dream so big, to then feel so far away from it?


You are a reflection of many. Those who dared to be authentic, who dared to take up their power, who dared to do things their way, who dared to lead from outside the fear-based dogma of business and life, who dared to love and trust themselves so much that their self-value was so strong and magnetic that abundance flooded.

You are a reflection of those have seen the light, who have been the light, and who feel that the light has been extinguished.

I get it. This year feels different, like something has been taken away from you, like the world that you experienced and loved feels out of reach. An enigma. Watching others in this world, and you standing at the side. Allusive. You can see it but you cannot be in it. It is outside of you.

And there we have it. You believe it is outside of you, and so it shall be. You believe that this world is something separate to you, and so you separate yourself from this. It is not a thing, or even something you do. It is you. But you’ve forgotten.

You’ve forgotten that this world exists within you. It is here right now in the sadness that you feel. It has been in your heart as you’ve felt it ache. It’s in the anger that you fiercely avoid feeling, believing that you don’t have what you once did. It’s in the hurt you feel in your belly. It’s in the tears in your eyes. That world is all of that. That world is inside of you!

God/The Universe would never take something away from you that you have given yourself. God/The Universe doesn’t have that power because you have free will. Only you can take something away from you when you forget that you came to experience ALL of you. You get to experience feeling hurt. What a glorious experience that can be. You get to experience anger. What a glorious experience that can be. You get to experience sadness. Don’t you believe that this is indeed a glorious experience? You get to FEEL. That is what you came here to experience!

You chose to experience a greater sense of capacity this year. You chose to experience a greater sense of worthiness. So don’t believe that what worked for you in the past will give you this because what worked for you in the past can only give you your past results! Do not reduce your life to a mechanical process because you are not a machine. FEEL. FEEL every bit of glorious emotion that sits within you.  This is your fuel. You know that. It is your way. You know that.

Stop being in denial, afraid of your anger and sadness, and get real with the world that exists within you, and know that your choice to experience an even bigger life this year, becomes available and REAL when you dare to FEEL again, no matter how uncomfortable those feelings are.

All of this is showing up to EVOLVE you to the next level of your POWER of Self and TRUST in Life.

Can you TRUST that?

As I’m seeing this all around me, I’ve decided to re-open my 2 month business coaching program to support those who are finding it tough as they bump into the foot of their next evolution. I haven’t offered this program since June 2014, so if this is you, and you feel called by this blog please take the first step and email me at where you’re at, and let’s see if I can support.

by Gisele Gambi of