Episode Highlights:

4:00 – How do you manage a team and business that’s global?
6:35 – Communication
7:50 – How do you inspire people to follow a system of efficiency?
9:30 – Whats your take on busyness?
13:27 – 3 things to get you where you need to go
16:50 – What do you think is broken with the model of entrepreneurship/What do you think needs to happen to fix it?
21:51 – “Speciality” – is that important for us as entrepreneurs?
24:07 – Tribe & network
28:10 – Where do you see the future of entrepreneurship?
30:32 – The youth tell us where to go & the older generation tell us how to do it
35:50 – Whats the next trend?
38:10 – Where to start
39:32 – How long has your “overnight success” story taken?
40:05 – Whats “HOT” for you?

Thanks to the savvy Johann Nogueira for joining us on this episode. As Founder and CEO of Nogueira Alliance Pty Ltd, Johann has spent his entire career solving problems and fixing businesses. He discovered of the power of systemization and leverage in his early 20’s, where he built an eBay business, this knowledge allowed him to grow not only his business but his clients as well. Nogueira Alliance now has a full time staff of 80 people around the globe and 12 key staff in Australia.  Learn more about him here.

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