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About Heather Porter

Heather Porter got her start managing events globally for some of the world’s top speakers such as Tony Robbins. When the speakers she worked with wanted to engage with their tribes online her first big project was building a membership site in 2008 that attracted 18,000 members when it launched. She then co-founded the digital marketing agency Autopilot Your Business in 2010, which currently teaches automation strategies to small business owners, and is the Founder of Website Love, a website development company. She is an online business growth consultant, speaker and partner and advisor to various online projects ranging from personal development to Ecommerce. She is co-host of 2 podcasts with fans in over 100 countries, #1 Amazon bestseller, co-author of 4 business books and host of That Social Media Show on the BRiN App. You can learn more about her here - heatherporter.com

#11: “Don’t Confuse Your Gifts with Your Identity” with Jutka Freiman

By | October 15th, 2017|

Episode Highlights: 4:30 - Don’t confuse your gifts with your identity 9:20 - How could someone tune in and listen more? 11:45 - What would you say to someone that's facing failure? 16:00 - Presence 18:30 - The "real work"

#10: “Stop Busyness with 3 Daily Priorities” with Johann Nogueira

By | September 25th, 2017|

Episode Highlights: 4:00 - How do you manage a team and business that's global? 6:35 - Communication 7:50 - How do you inspire people to follow a system of efficiency? 9:30 - Whats your take on busyness? 13:27 - 3

#9: “What it Really Means to be Connected” with Gisele Gambi

By | September 20th, 2017|

Episode Highlights: 5:23 - What we are disconnecting from 6:57 - When the unexpected comes up, how do you chose what to focus on? 12:40 - What's really “HOT” in your work at the moment 16:23 - Working with groups

#8: “Abundance is Your Birthright” with Rich Oceguera

By | September 4th, 2017|

Episode Highlights: 3:45 - What’s fuelling your fire? 6:52 - What people need to know about spirituality and selling 11:56 - What would you say are the three key ways to sell with integrity? 17:37 - Process of getting through

#7: “How to Connect Your Value to the Prices You Charge” with Judy Reynolds

By | August 25th, 2017|

Episode Highlights: 7:55 - Price v value 10:10 - What are emotional issues people have with price? 12:05 - How to choose what price you charge 15:45 - What steps can someone take to value themselves more? 21:00 - We