Episode Highlights:

7:55 – Price v value
10:10 – What are emotional issues people have with price?
12:05 – How to choose what price you charge
15:45 – What steps can someone take to value themselves more?
21:00 – We all have a money blueprint – how does yours influence conversations around value?
26:50 – You need to believe in your outcome
29:10 – Expanded mind, expanded numbers
29:55 – Procrastination and planning
31:40 – What is your core genius
33:50 – What does success mean?

Thanks to the insightful Judy Reynolds for joining us on this episode.  Judy is a highly sought-after speaker with over 25 years’ experience as a highly regarded consultant to businesses from a diverse range of industry sectors. Judy founded her consulting firm after selling her award-winning accounting and financial planning business. The impetus behind this new chapter was to enable her to more effectively work on her passion – Judy believes that you do not have to lose in life to win in business. She knows that it is possible to design a really powerful business that enables the owners to live the lives to which they aspire. Learn more about her here.

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