Episode Highlights:

04:16 – What do you see as the main mistakes emerging entrepreneurs make?
06:18 – In terms of peoples self doubt or lack of belief, what do you see is the antidote?
10:48 – How do you find the right community?
13:00 – Did you experience caps within your growth?
16:00 – What was the best business decision you’ve made?
17:59 – What would be the worst?
20:05 – What it feels like to lose a 20 million dollar business?
21:49 – It’s quite an emotional journey being an entrepreneur
22:39 – On your hardest days what keeps you going?
26:01 – Have you heard of the 1% rule?
28:06 – Who inspired you?


Thanks to the brave Domingo Silvas for joining us on this episode.  Domingo has built several companies from the ground up. One company began with an idea written on a cocktail napkin, where only a few years later it was sold for eight figures. Learn more about him here.


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